Our fence strips provide an innovative solution allowing you to create modern, aesthetic and functional fencing which provides privacy on your property, your garden or on your balcony.

Our tape fencing guarantees discretion and privacy for residential properties, terraces and balconies to protect against unwanted outside observers.

Our fence strips provide ideal protection against adverse weather conditions. They are built to withstand strong gusts of wind – therefore reducing the risk of property damage. They also offer protection against snow which may be blown onto your premises or your balconies during times of wintry weather.

Acoustic Barriers
Fence strips reduce unwanted noise from outside your property. Therefore, they are ideally suited for use in areas with high noise levels, eg. on busy streets, highways, construction sites. By reducing noise levels, they improve the quality of your every day life.

UV Resistant
Fence strips are a solution we can offer to everyone due to fast and easy assembly, which requires no technical skill or professional equipment. The use of polypropylene makes our fencing strips

Colours available:

  • Grey
  • Black
  • Green

Ridgefence Strips Leaflet