The Akupanel can be used for creating beautiful slat walls and ceilings which adds a modern look to the room. The panel is sound dampening and removes reverberation within the room, which drastically improves the acoustics within the room.

Materials and Maintenance

The panels is made from sustainable materials. The acoustical felt is made from recycled plastic (primarily plastic bottles), and the slats are made from MDF with a veneer surface. Clean it using a dust broom, a vacuum cleaner or a hard-wrung cloth.


The felt is made from recycled plastic and all the wood we use comes from sustainable forestry. The forrest is allowed to reproduce more trees than what is being cut, and we also ensure great conditions for the workers and the plant- and wildlife in the forest.


Each panel is 240 x 60 x 2,2 cm. and one panel equals 1,44 m2. This is our standard size and we are not able to make longer panels.

AKUPANEL Acoustic Panel Datasheet Akupanel Installation Guide