Dura Composites Pebble Grey Resist Cladding


Dura Cladding Resist is a low maintenance composite timber exterior cladding, fire rated to Class B in accordance with European and British fire safety standards (BS EN 13501). Ideal for domestic properties and low rise buildings. Dura Cladding Resist is made with up to 78% recycled content, is FSCTM Certified and offers a natural wood cladding appearance with a 15 year warranty but without any of the maintenance headaches associated with traditional wood.

With safety at the forefront of Dura’s product innovation, Dura Cladding Resist complies with current Building Regulations* for buildings below 18 metres in height and where the boundary (protected or not) is 1m or less (subject to Approved Document B Volume 1). With current plans under consultation to reduce the 18 metre height threshold to 11 metres, it is the responsibility of the building owner to ensure that materials used for rainscreen cladding comply with the latest regulations. Dura Cladding Resist achieves a fire rating specification of B-s2,d0 – in recognition of its low smoke volume and the absence of droplet production in the event of a fire.

Outstanding Fire Performance

Our rigorous fire testing has been conducted in accordance with the correct BS EN 13501 test and installation method on the correct plane for maximum peace of mind, rather than being mounted on a calcium silicate backing board purely for the purpose of passing the fire test.

Available in 6 Colours

Available in 6 attractive colours, all of which feature a stunning deeply embossed woodgrain on one side and a light groove on the reverse for maximum versatility and taste preference.

Dura Cladding Resist Brochure