Now that autumn is here doesn’t mean the garden is out of bounds. Here are a few hints and tips on how you can continue to enjoy it in the winter months.

Homeowners will mainly invest in their garden in the spring so they can enjoy it to the fullest throughout the summer months. However the autumn and winter months are fast approaching and many decks are left neglected but this needn’t be the case. Thinking creatively your garden can be every bit as enjoyable in the autumn and winter months.


You can add some fantastic garden accessories such as a fire pit, chiminea and patio heaters. These are really cosy additions that will definitely make your garden area a suitable outdoor space for the colder months. Get some funky throws and cushions for your garden furniture. This will turn your garden into an appealing place to sit, even when the temperature drops.


You can add canopy awnings and shade sails, this will help to keep you dry in the rainy and snowy season, these will also have benefits for the summer months they will help to provide shade when you are too warm. If you already have a heat source in your garden an awning will help to trap the heat and keep you even warmer when you are relaxing in your garden in the winter months.


Your garden and decking area is often use as a designated eating or entertainment area so why not make the most of this function all year round. Think about how you like to use it in terms of dining and include the right equipment to make it as easy as possible. Gas or charcoal barbecues are a common choice, although there is an option for a clay oven or pizza oven if you fancy something more substantial.  You will need to guard your deck against heat sources but this will give you a perfect party area all year round.


Having your lighting right is a key element of any outdoor space. The easiest way to illuminate your outdoor space is with candles, as this helps create an intimate ambience. You could also opt for LED versions. Another great option is solar lights, they offer a great saving on electricity whilst adding a festive vibe to your garden.

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