Dura Composites Flush Resist


Our Dura Cladding Flush Resist has a fantastic woodgrain armoured surface in a 150mm face flush-fitting cladding plank.

It has all the natural beauty of timber cladding and none of the maintenance drawbacks. Dura Cladding Flush resist is made from eco-friendly mix of reclaimed timber and polymers. The high-performance composition is great to look at and great for the environment too.

It will never need painted or treated unlike wood cladding. Dura Flush Cladding Resist is easier to work with than other cladding alternatives such as fibre cement, which can be brittle and lack the textural feel of natural wood.

Can be installed both vertically and horizontally to create incredible contemporary designs. All colours have a Class B fire rating and are rigorously tested to ensure minimal contraction or expansion, whatever the ambient weather conditions.

Our Dura Cladding Flush Resist planks are 3660mm in length, come with a 15-year warranty. They are supported by an innovative range of custom-made aluminium trims and no-fuss fixing screws, for ultimate ease of installation.

Dura Cladding Fluish Resist Product Guide